Panama Jack Spiced Rum

Panama Jack Spiced Rum is a distilled beverage made from sugarcane molasses from selected Panamanian cane produced by Central American nation’s oldest distillery- Valera Hermanos of Panama.

Rum is produced in so many varieties of styles. While light rums are used in mixed drinks, the dark and golden rums are usually used for cooking as well as cocktails. Spices and caramel is added to rum to convert into spiced Rums. Panama Jack Spiced Rum is a most potent blend of high quality molasses from sugar canes and juices crafted by Valero Hermanos of Panama, one of the oldest licensed distilleries of Central America.

Sugar cane which is the main ingredient of Rum is believed to be planted by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to Cuba. Rum is made from sugarcane molasses and juices through a process of fermentation and distillation. During the process of fermentation yeast is added to the molasses in order to convert the sugar into alcohol. This fermented liquid is then distilled to give it its smoothness and taste.

Nowadays, Rum is being distilled in multiple stages in columnar stills to give it ultimate smoothness and remove all impurities from the liquid. The distilled liquid is then stored in oak barrels for aging. The older the rum, the better its quality is a very old belief. Rum is generally aged for about 2 to 4 years and with the effects of changing season and temperature on the stored Rum, it achieves its inherent taste and color.

During aging the rum acquires its golden color which changes into brown with the passage of time. Once aged it is blended with hints of spices and caramel and after achieving its natural aroma, Panama Jack Spiced Rum is bottled in varieties of eye catching bottles and made ready for shipment.

Panama Jack Spiced Rum is a combination of botanical accents and natural spice flavors which includes nutmeg, citrus and a dash of vanilla to give it its unique character.
Panama Jack Island Spiced Rum is meticulously enjoyed with traditional drink recipes such as Cuba Libre, Mai Tai, Sunrise, Planter’s Punch etc. A huge variety of Caribbean cocktail creations can be made out of this spiced rum using one’s own imagination.

Panama Jack Spiced Rum is fast becoming hot favorite amongst Rum lovers due to its authentic taste with the hint of spice and caramel. It can also be enjoyed neat and on the rocks. Bar tenders around the world loves this Rum at it provides them with a very smooth spirit for mixing in Mixed drinks and preparing world class cocktail recipes. Panama Jack Spiced Rum has redefined the taste of Rum amongst the Rum lovers with its unique spicy aroma which leaves a definite aroma mark.

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